Out with the Old

We are celebrating the end of the calendar year by going through our tiny apartment room by room to nominate items for voting off our island.

Today: kitchen, “dining room,” hall closets, living room. Tomorrow: bedroom, bathroom.

We have a small cluster of items whose utility has outlived our need for them–clothes, some books, and random household stuff. In a related story, taking everything out of its place, examining it, and putting it back smarter has resulted in better organization and, at least for now, the illusion of more space.

Although I’m not a naturally spatially-neat person, having an orderly environment is actually important to normal brain functioning for me. When the mess starts to get out of hand, my anxiety builds. Having a lot of stuff (as we do) creates a lot of tension because of this.

We plan to move soon, so this is partly prep for the inevitable “Honey, THIS? Do we need to move this several hundred miles to make our lives complete?” conversations.

Today we did not bring our A game. We brought our B- game. We did okay. The pile is about 1/4 of our “dining room.” It could be bigger. And perhaps after we finish off the rest of this place, it will be.

Wish us well.

Before the Devil Knows You’ve Moved

Well, I’ve arrived, moved in, gone to work at least once now. I guess it’s all really happening.

Aside from work, which is great, I’m excited for the following reasons:

1. My apartment is only a few blocks from an AFI movie theatre that plays classic movies all the time. This summer they’re doing Spielberg and Polanski retrospectives as well as a big 80s movie celebration. I think I will be there every night.

2. I can take mass transportation to work if I want. I live and work just a few blocks from the Metro station on both ends, and the ride is about 30 minutes—perfect for reading a book! Except right now it’s so humid here that all I want to do is sit inside in my air conditioning. Last weekend at IKEA, my boyfriend and I were standing outside, feeling cold, but constantly sweating.

3. If I want to drive (my fuel-efficient car that got almost 38 miles to the gallon on the drive here), it’s just one non-freeway street between my home and office.

4. I live a block from a grocery store! I like to eat. Also in close proximity: H&M, Chipotle, LA Fitness.

5. And now I have internet at home. Ta da!

It’s Not You, It’s Me

Sorry for the long silence here; things have been NUTTY at work and at home this week. I’m working on a longer blog post about horror films, but until then, please enjoy the slide show:

A shot of the hanging pot rack I just bought for my new kitchen. I am IN LOVE with it. Seriously. We’re going to move to Canada so we can be married, right after the guy marrying the two women and the farmer marrying his sow.

My new living room, as seen when you peer over the loft where my desk and office are. Lovely. It’s all windows in there, folks.

What you’ve been waiting for: Arden’s work station, where she engages in heavy bouts of napping and bone-chewing.

On Baking

Friends, it is hot here.

Yesterday, a thermometer in a car read: 120 degrees. I’m not kidding you. I think it’s generally between 110 and 117 every day.

When I was in Santa Barbara, it was 40 degrees cooler there. It felt like winter and the breeze gave me a chill. I wore pants every day. Sometimes a light jacket.

I can barely remember what it’s like to live somewhere with weather. It hasn’t rained in months. I don’t remember rain, can barely think of its smell. But rain is coming; monsoon rains and thick, black thunderheads and lightning storms.

I have windows 19 feet tall to watch this now, and they look out over the freeway to the peaks.

My new apartment is perfect.