Before the Devil Knows You’ve Moved

Well, I’ve arrived, moved in, gone to work at least once now. I guess it’s all really happening.

Aside from work, which is great, I’m excited for the following reasons:

1. My apartment is only a few blocks from an AFI movie theatre that plays classic movies all the time. This summer they’re doing Spielberg and Polanski retrospectives as well as a big 80s movie celebration. I think I will be there every night.

2. I can take mass transportation to work if I want. I live and work just a few blocks from the Metro station on both ends, and the ride is about 30 minutes—perfect for reading a book! Except right now it’s so humid here that all I want to do is sit inside in my air conditioning. Last weekend at IKEA, my boyfriend and I were standing outside, feeling cold, but constantly sweating.

3. If I want to drive (my fuel-efficient car that got almost 38 miles to the gallon on the drive here), it’s just one non-freeway street between my home and office.

4. I live a block from a grocery store! I like to eat. Also in close proximity: H&M, Chipotle, LA Fitness.

5. And now I have internet at home. Ta da!

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