My Long Weekend: A Camera Phone Essay

First, I read at the gorgeous new Tempe Center for the Arts as the second event in the Tempe Poetry in April series.

I dropped Arden off at my parents’ house for the weekend and left for California right after my reading!

Then I went to Magic Mountain–twice!

After a long day of roller coastering, we hit the hot tub.

We drove back to AZ at 5 am…and after a busy day, we hit the bars to celebrate Phoenix Pride.

On Sunday, I enjoyed a slight headache and a contemplative moment in the grass.

Then, there was Panic. But you knew that already.

"Top Models Know How to Say Thank You" and other things my mother taught me.

In other words, a picture post from the birthday party:

Arden wore her purple Mizrahi party dress to suit the party’s theme.

Here’s my Republican friend doing her best Britney Spears.

There was a little man-near-man action.

Good times.

Here is my other Republican friend, the gay one. We used to call them “unicorns” until we realized they really existed!

She knows something you don’t.

CLEARLY up to no good!

Passing out.

Even Arden was pretty pooped.

Oaxaca in Pictures

Some photos of my trip:

My desk in my little room.

Does your house have lions? What about the cutest, tiniest kittens you’ve ever seen?

Don’t drink and sleigh ride.

Self-portrait with poinsettias: Oaxaca’s Zócalo.

Adorable stray dog.

Radiohead is love…?

The Zapotec ruins at Monte Alban, above the city.

Our group at Monte Alban.

In this picture I am actually very dizzy and lightheaded on account of the high altitude.

Close up of some stairs at Monte Alban.

Who’s that rock star?

Finally, the backyard.

It’s Not You, It’s Me

Sorry for the long silence here; things have been NUTTY at work and at home this week. I’m working on a longer blog post about horror films, but until then, please enjoy the slide show:

A shot of the hanging pot rack I just bought for my new kitchen. I am IN LOVE with it. Seriously. We’re going to move to Canada so we can be married, right after the guy marrying the two women and the farmer marrying his sow.

My new living room, as seen when you peer over the loft where my desk and office are. Lovely. It’s all windows in there, folks.

What you’ve been waiting for: Arden’s work station, where she engages in heavy bouts of napping and bone-chewing.

I Miss You

It’s been a crazy week, getting things set back right after essentially two weeks out of the office, plus catching up on grading and my own homework for my classes.

Arden came home the other day. She spent two weeks at the Dog Spa at my parents’ house, and they must not have spoiled her too badly because she’s been sitting on me every time I’m home with her.

Here are my AWP photos:

A river otter at the Georgia Aquarium

The jellyfish tank

Detail from the jellyfish tank

Me doing my best Axl Rose at the Tucson Heat reading

Me and Virginia’s girls