Mileage from Phoenix to DC: 2317
Hours of driving: 34
State lines crossed: 11
Most visited state: West Virginia (in and out twice)

Longest day: Phoenix to Oklahoma City–14 hours with 2 time zone changes.
Best weather: Missouri & Illinois
Worst weather: New Mexico

Worst sight: An accident in which a semi lost its rear axle and crushed a black sports car on the freeway.
Worst drivers: Maryland

Dullest stretch: Oklahoma Turnpike, 100 miles
Prettiest stretch: West Virginia

Number of times the cat freaked out: 0 (yay medication!)

Did we find a White Castle? Yes. Yes we did. And it was amazing. Thank you, Indiana.

Total number of miles I traveled in June: 9515
Equivalent number of trips between NYC and LA: 3.4
Circumference of the earth in miles: 24,900

Before the Devil Knows You’ve Moved

Well, I’ve arrived, moved in, gone to work at least once now. I guess it’s all really happening.

Aside from work, which is great, I’m excited for the following reasons:

1. My apartment is only a few blocks from an AFI movie theatre that plays classic movies all the time. This summer they’re doing Spielberg and Polanski retrospectives as well as a big 80s movie celebration. I think I will be there every night.

2. I can take mass transportation to work if I want. I live and work just a few blocks from the Metro station on both ends, and the ride is about 30 minutes—perfect for reading a book! Except right now it’s so humid here that all I want to do is sit inside in my air conditioning. Last weekend at IKEA, my boyfriend and I were standing outside, feeling cold, but constantly sweating.

3. If I want to drive (my fuel-efficient car that got almost 38 miles to the gallon on the drive here), it’s just one non-freeway street between my home and office.

4. I live a block from a grocery store! I like to eat. Also in close proximity: H&M, Chipotle, LA Fitness.

5. And now I have internet at home. Ta da!


Sitting here waiting for my (late) movers to come pick up the small amount of stuff I’m moving is cruel and torturous.

Tomorrow: Phoenix to Oklahoma City.
Wednesday: Oklahoma City to Columbus.
Thursday: Columbus to DC.
Friday: All day trip to Six Flags (hooray!)
Saturday: Move into my apartment
Monday: Start work.


Goodwill toward Moving

I started packing last night—books and clothes, my most valued possessions. I have about 10 boxes of books stacked up in my apartment, but clothing was a different story.

Moving within the city has always encouraged me to donate items to Goodwill, but I’ve always maintained a sort of large wardrobe. This time, though, it’s very different. Looking at shirts, pants, sweaters, I think, Do I want to lug this 2,000 miles?

10 bags of shirts, shoes, socks, pants, dress pants, coats, sweaters, sweatshirts, and polos later…the answer was frequently no.

Picture it this way: my Scion xA, if loaded today, would be full of stuff for Goodwill. And I’m just getting started.

I’m taking a zen approach to this move. Almost no furniture, probably no dishes. All I need is a Mac, a Wii, and a TV.

It’s the ease of living an IKEA lifestyle. Everything is cheap and endlessly replaceable.

It’s All Official Now.

The papers are signed….

The powers that be have been notified….

So now I can tell you…

I’m leaving ASU effective June 20! I’ve accepted the Director position at The Writer’s Center, a literary nonprofit community center, in Bethesda, MD!

For those of you keeping score, this is my 18th move in 13 years. At roughly 2300 miles, it tops my previous record of carting sticks of furniture 1750 miles from MN to AZ. This time I’m pretty much taking books and clothes, and that’s about it.

Never a dull moment here at kinemapoetics.

Moving Day

I’m moving to a new apartment today. Kind of my dream apartment, actually. 19′ ceilings, loft space, all the space I need.

But let me tell you. I’ve had to move at least once in 10 of the past 12 years. I’ll break it down for you:

1995: moved to dorm room
1996: moved home, moved to off-campus apartment, moved to dorm room
1997: moved to new dorm room, moved home, moved to new dorm room
1998: moved to off-campus apartment, moved to dorm room
1999: moved to boyfriend’s apartment, then together moved to a new apartment
2000: moved from apartment to dorm (housing provided by job)
2001: moved to Arizona (approx 1790 miles)
2002: [did not move]
2003: moved to off-campus apartment (quit job that provided housing)
2004: moved to townhouse with boyfriend)
2005: [did not move]
2006: moved to apartment (break-up move)
2007: moved because my apartment was SOLD and they didn’t tell me

That’s 17 moves, if you were counting. What’s worse is that when I moved to college, my parents wanted to start trying to sell their house, so they literally made me take everything that belonged to me. Everything.

I’ve carted it around like a sad little nomad ever since.