On Friday, The Writer’s Center kicked off a re/newed free event series called Story/Stereo that featured readings by our first two Emerging Writer Fellows, Suzanne Frischkorn and Neil Smith, as well as a musical performance by local band Roofwalkers.

There was a great crowd–near capacity–in the auditorium for the event, and there was great energy and enthusiasm all night long. I was so excited to see young people in the audience, and I knew they would really enjoy the band as well as Suzanne and Neil’s work. Suzanne read from Lit Windowpane and shared some work from her new manuscript, which was awesome, and Neil read from his novel-in-progress Heaven Is a Place Where Nothing Ever Happens. Both writers received high praise from Howard Norman, who introduced them and discussed their work.

Roofwalkers did a cool collab with Suzanne (you can read a bit about it at her blog), and then everyone sold merch and signed autographs. This is the first time I’ve sold t-shirts and posters at a literary event, but I love it! The Story/Stereo posters and shirts are super cool.

The next event will be Oct 2, featuring Alexander Chee and Srikanth Reddy with musical guest Bluebrain.

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