I finally saw a copy of The First Risk…and my acknowledgments page had some problems. This was made further embarrassing after I encouraged one of the folks listed below to “check out the acknowledgments page” not realizing his name hadn’t been included. And then him probably thinking I was some kind of ass, or just plain crazy.

The great thing about working with a POD press is that they can change it now, so future versions of the book will list all the thank yous I’d intended to include.

I’ll post them here now in lieu of getting them into the book any sooner:

I would like to extend gratitude to friends, teachers, and colleagues who have lent advice, support, opportunities, and feedback in various forms that helped my work and this book find its way: Matt Bell, Steve Berman, Dustin Brookshire, Tracy Longley-Cook, Jaime Dempsey, Norman Dubie, Jim Elledge, Beckian Fritz Goldberg, Cynthia Hogue, James Allen Hall, Jeremy Halinen, Christopher Hennessy, Toby Johnson, Reb Livingston, Montgomery Maxton, Ander Monson, Miguel Murphy, Douglas Ray, Alberto Ríos, Kris Sanford, Richard Siken, Tony Trigilio, David Trinidad, Tom Wayman, Sarah Vap, and C. Dale Young. Special thanks are in order for Stephanie Lenox, whose insight and support were instrumental in assembling this collection from inception to publication, and to Jeff Mann, for his thoughtful editing and advocacy for this work. And to Beau Hamilton: all my love and gratitude, now and always.

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