My Cup of Ambition Runneth Over…

…at the Hayden’s Ferry Review blog.

I meant to post this last week, but last week was crazy.


“Well, it might surprise you to know that behind my chipper, happy-go-lucky demeanor exists a risk-obsessed, suspicious inner voice, and this is absolutely critical to my job. I’ve discovered I have a particular knack for discerning the many ways in which someone (or several people in collusion) could commit fraud or embezzle money from the places where I work…. I spent several weeks sounding like an overprotective mother who won’t let her child play on the monkey bars. “You’ll fall! You’ll split your head open! You’ll sprain a wrist!” Although I frequently sounded like I could only see the worst in people, it’s not true. I want to ensure that all the good people in our community get the best experience possible from us. Frequently, that means battening down the hatches before setting sail. To mix some metaphors.

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Although it’s not a part of my day-to-day life anymore, Hayden’s Ferry Review will always have a place in my heart. The new managing editor, Beth Staples, has put together a lively new blog site, complete with a unique podcast series to enrich everyone’s experience with the journal.

You’ll remember the latest issue was a themed exploration of “The Grotesque,” and the first podcast features two of the “grotesque” artists discussion their relationship to it. Great stuff!

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Kazim Ali
Vicky Allyón
Shamim Azad
Richard Barnes
Polina Barskova
Sandra Beasley
Lauren Berry
Trish Carney
Jon Cone
Bill Durgin
John W. Evans
Daryl Farmer
Hannah Gamble
Ming Holden
Lizzie Hutton
Ilya Kaminsky
Laura Kasischke
Elaine Mayes
Tessa Mellas
Michelle Mitchell-Foust
Caitlin Newcomer
Julie Platt
Doug Ramspeck
Elizabeth Searle
Stephanie Taylor
Stephen Tuttle
Urban Waite
Carolyne Wright


The new Hayden’s Ferry Review arrived in our offices yesterday and it big, bold, and beautiful.

This issue features both the continuing section of International Writing (translations and original language texts) and a special section called “Works of Witness,” which contains four pieces from my new manuscript.

Also in the issue: luminaries like Andrei Codrescu, Jen Currin, Matthew Gavin Frank, Pam Houston, David Dodd Lee, Melissa Pritchard, Gary Short, and more.


from “Safe”

I recognize his face through all the dried blood. They say
the skin showed through only where his tears ran down

and it means all through the night
he felt pain

To reduce this down to its most intimate parts
is all I want to do

his red face
streaked with skin

he went into the night
he came back red