New Poem in Stirring

Thanks to Stirring for publishing this poem about taking my mom to hospice in the hours before she died.


1. Lift

I lifted my mother’s body from the passenger seat-
the notches of her spine, her slats of ribs-
each bone against my skin, her weight
pulling me down even as I lifted her

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Poem of the Day

My poem “Poem in which Words Have Been Left Out” is the Poem-of-the-Day today at, the website of the Academy of American Poets!

It’s based on the “Miranda Rights,” the set of rote statements officers of the law must recite when taking someone into custody.  This practice came out of a U.S. Supreme Court case that originated in Arizona.

Click below to visit the poem:

Poem in which Words Have Been Left Out

You have the right to remain
anything you can and will be.

Meet Me at The Collagist

Thank you to Matt Bell and Matthew Olzmann for including three new poems in the latest issue of The Collagist!

Letters to the Editor

Dear Drivers of Suburban Maryland,
my life is in your hands. My life in your hands
is an unpinned grenade.

Prospero’s Confession

What wreckage, I forgot. What
courage to sail, forgot. What
ocean? Forgot.

Poem Beginning with a Line Falsely Attributed to Voltaire

Night arrived with smears across its face

so that I’d know it was coming to me from
someone else. So I’d know I didn’t own the night—

that the night, with unpredictable arrivals,
owned me.

The Collagist is Go

Dzanc Books’s new online literary magazine The Collagist is alive today. Editor Matt Bell explains in this letter:

“Looking at this list of contributors, I am so blown away by the size of their talents, the scope of their accomplishments, by the potential of the future words each has yet to unleash upon the page. I can’t thank these writers enough for gifting our debut issue with their words, and I truly hope you’ll enjoy each and every piece collected here.

As long as I’m thanking people, I’d also like to mention some of those who made this first issue possible:

Steve Gillis and Dan Wickett at Dzanc Books, for extending their publishing venture past the printed page and onto the internet, and for allowing me the honor of editing this new publication. Dzanc was created to publish and promote literary writing, and, to me, The Collagist is in some ways a recognition of the fact that while their book publishing arm necessarily deals in full manuscripts, there is still a calling for Dzanc to find ways to publish and promote individual pieces by a wider population of emerging and established writers.”

Check out new poems from Oliver de la Paz, Christina Kallery, and me!

Dear America,

Miguel Murphy edited OCHO 22, an all gay and lesbian issue seeking to capture the wide variety of voices within the community, collected in response to the civil rights travesty of the passing of Proposition 8 in California.

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