Ask Arden’s Advice About Anything

Although she’s young, Arden is a wise soul. She’d like to offer up her advice to anyone on this blog each Friday.

All questions will be considered, but only one will be posted and thoughtfully answered (she is, after all, a very busy girl). If you’d like Arden’s perspective on something—anything—simply send an email to chasjensATyahooDOTcom with the subject line “Ask Arden Anything.”

Serious queries only!

It’s Not You, It’s Me

Sorry for the long silence here; things have been NUTTY at work and at home this week. I’m working on a longer blog post about horror films, but until then, please enjoy the slide show:

A shot of the hanging pot rack I just bought for my new kitchen. I am IN LOVE with it. Seriously. We’re going to move to Canada so we can be married, right after the guy marrying the two women and the farmer marrying his sow.

My new living room, as seen when you peer over the loft where my desk and office are. Lovely. It’s all windows in there, folks.

What you’ve been waiting for: Arden’s work station, where she engages in heavy bouts of napping and bone-chewing.