2011 Favorite Albums / 9. James Morrison, The Awakening

James Morrison, The Awakening

Music Math: ((Michael McDonald/Bryan Adams) – cheese) + Adele

Best Tracks: “In My Dreams,” “Up,” “Slave to the Music,” “One Life”

Representative Lyrics: “But I can’t help but shuffle my feet / Movin’ like a zombie, chasing the beat / She lures me in, oh sweet surrender / Locks me down like a repeat offender”

Notes: This album snuck up on me, courtesy of free listening on Spotify, where it became my background-working music for a long time. Then it became driving music. Then I found myself humming it and singing it. If you could imagine a male, slightly more funk version of Adele, that’s really what you’d find here–oh, and with a bit of Bryan Adams’s raspy voice mixed in.

Beau’s Critique:

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