2011 Favorite Albums / 10. Marina & the Diamonds, The Family Jewels

Marina & the Diamonds, The Family Jewels

Music Math: (Florence of Florence and the Machine + The Count from Sesame Street) + Bananarama

Best Tracks: “Shampain,” “Are You Satisfied?,” “Oh No,” “Numb”

Representative Lyrics: “If you are not very careful / Your possessions will possess you / TV told me how to feel / Now real life has no appeal”

Notes: Although it came out a few years ago, Marina found her way into my life this summer and she never left me. While her lyrics frequently border on the inane, the music is fun and sort of silly and absurd as well, so it all evens out. I listen to this all the time.

Beau’s Critique: “Love her. She’s the new solo Gwen Stefani for me.”

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