Call for posts

A few nights ago at dinner, a few of us sat around the table talking about music–what was playing over the restaurant-bar’s hip stereo, the changes in the way music reaches us (blogs and downloads versus radio and retail), and our favorite albums. We each talked a bit about an album or two that has been significant in our lives, albums we tend to experience only through “sequential listening”–moving track by track, in order, from start to finish, loving every song. We also lamented the shift away from this kind of music consumption via single-track downloads and shuffling. We wondered, do people still love albums?

Can you send me some thoughts on an album you love, one you have to listen to from start to finish? It can be from any era, any style of music, and your writing on it can be essayish, memoirish, lyric–whatever you want. The only stipulation I’m going to lay down is that I’d like it to be prose. No length min/max.

I hope to get a good chunk of responses by June 30. Drop me an email (charles.jensen at gmail dotcom) with your “essay,” a little bio, especially one that promotes a project you or your organization is working on (with links), and a photo if you want.

Please feel free to forward this on to anyone you think might want to participate.

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