Life, v2.0

I spent the holiday weekend turning my living room 90 degrees to the left. Now all the furniture and art are on different walls. It only involved one trip to Best Buy to get a new coaxial cable. And because I no longer live alone, somehow season 1 of Designing Women also found its way back with us. This is how gay people move furniture.

We watched fireworks from the roof of an apartment building in Dupont Circle. During the show, I learned that no building in the District can be built taller than the Capitol dome, which ultimately makes for nice vistas of the city because you can see so far. There’s a single building that rises above the rest called The Cairo. When it was built, the government passed a law that restricted building height to about six stories. The Cairo looked like it had 14 floors.

We saw simultaneous fireworks over the Capitol (south), Maryland (east) and Virginia (west).

Today: I go back to reality.

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