Mileage from Phoenix to DC: 2317
Hours of driving: 34
State lines crossed: 11
Most visited state: West Virginia (in and out twice)

Longest day: Phoenix to Oklahoma City–14 hours with 2 time zone changes.
Best weather: Missouri & Illinois
Worst weather: New Mexico

Worst sight: An accident in which a semi lost its rear axle and crushed a black sports car on the freeway.
Worst drivers: Maryland

Dullest stretch: Oklahoma Turnpike, 100 miles
Prettiest stretch: West Virginia

Number of times the cat freaked out: 0 (yay medication!)

Did we find a White Castle? Yes. Yes we did. And it was amazing. Thank you, Indiana.

Total number of miles I traveled in June: 9515
Equivalent number of trips between NYC and LA: 3.4
Circumference of the earth in miles: 24,900

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