Back in the (602)

When I left Maryland yesterday it was raining. Torrential rain during the tail end of rush hour is basically the equivalent of rush hour. I got Arden to the pet hotel without incident and made it to the airport on time, and then spent five hours inside the fuselage of a jet waiting to get home.

I got all my tying-up-moving errands done right away: closed bank accounts, got Beau to cut my hair. And then, in the night, there was a monsoon. Torrential rains. Trees blew out of the ground, palm fronds littered the freeways, and then there was the flooding, the road awash in several inches of standing water while a group of cars huddled together.

This morning, I saw a golf course covered in four feet of water. It looked like a manicured water feature, man made, and so common here.

Today: hot and humid. 99 degrees and tons of humidity. And people back East ask me how I like the weather there. I say, unless it’s raining or about to rain, there’s really not much difference.

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