Goodwill toward Moving

I started packing last night—books and clothes, my most valued possessions. I have about 10 boxes of books stacked up in my apartment, but clothing was a different story.

Moving within the city has always encouraged me to donate items to Goodwill, but I’ve always maintained a sort of large wardrobe. This time, though, it’s very different. Looking at shirts, pants, sweaters, I think, Do I want to lug this 2,000 miles?

10 bags of shirts, shoes, socks, pants, dress pants, coats, sweaters, sweatshirts, and polos later…the answer was frequently no.

Picture it this way: my Scion xA, if loaded today, would be full of stuff for Goodwill. And I’m just getting started.

I’m taking a zen approach to this move. Almost no furniture, probably no dishes. All I need is a Mac, a Wii, and a TV.

It’s the ease of living an IKEA lifestyle. Everything is cheap and endlessly replaceable.

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