Human Behaviour

I’m sitting in the Sky Harbor Airport right now, at the gate from which my flight will soon depart. I’m seated in front of a bank of pay phones. Twice now a U.S. Airways pilot has come by and systematically done the following:

1. Lifts the phone from the cradle and lays it lengthwise on the shelf below the phone.
2. Dials what appears to be a 1-800 number.
3. Moves to the next phone and repeats steps 1 and 2.
4. Once all phones have been initially dialed, he circles the bank again, pressing “1” on each phone.
5. Walks away.

I hung up one phone and someone walking by hung up another.

But before I did it, I wondered if this was, like, Candid Camera or something.

What’s wrong with people?

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