The Gay Agenda: Wednesday, February 6

5:45 am
Wake up and tend to Arden; get ready for work.

6:30 am
Leave Phoenix for campus; stop to put gas in car on way to work.

7:00 am
Arrive at campus in Tempe to pick up MFA students.

7:10 am
Drive 30 miles to North Phoenix for MFA student event.

7:55 am
Nearly cause accident when finally spot Starbucks fly by to right of car; swerve across three lanes of traffic for coffee pit stop.

8:05 am
Arrive at event with coffee.

9:30 am
Drive 30 miles back to campus, to office for staff meeting. Park and walk 15 minutes to office from parking lot.

11:30 am
Walk back to car and drive 15 miles back to Phoenix for lunch time meeting. Need food…maybe Taco Bell?

12:05 pm
Arrive at meeting, pleasantly surprised to find free light lunch waiting.

1:30 pm
Drive 15 miles back to Tempe for meeting with boss. 15 minute walk back to office.

3:30 pm
Become hungry again; coerce coworkers to walk to Coldstone for ice cream delight.

3:35 pm
Briefly enjoy ice cream concoction; return to work

5:30 pm
Leave office and walk to car for third time.

5:45 pm
Drive back to Phoenix to go home and tend to Arden.

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