Cosmetic Surgery for Dummies; School Blues

So, my blog is slowly coming back. I’m not super excited about the blocks Blogger put into place when it comes to template-jacking (everything I had before was done “by hand” by altering code on the template), but at least I got the Buffy quote back…and more things are on the way, I hope.

Some of you know that this semester I’m experimenting with taking a weekend-long “intensive” class. Well, actually two of them. For my first class meeting, I had to read Good to Great, but for this next weekend (that’s Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 9 am – 5 pm), I have to read Managing Human Behavior in Nonprofit Organizations. Which, if you’ve ever worked in a nonprofit, you know is fairly unmanageable! J/k. Mostly.

This is all so I can graduate from the program in December. That’s only 11 months. I’m hanging on, like that kitten on that poster…”Hang in there!” While it’s desperately clinging to save its life.

So, I have to read that first, and then I made a promise to my conservative friend that I would read The Fountainhead without fully understanding that it was 700 pages long.

And I’m writing poems again. Little ones. About axes and serial killers.

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