Good News from MiPO and OCHO

It’s the best thing to be in good company:

Authors Nominated for The Coat Hanger Award 2007

Christian Campbell
Camille Dungy
Christopher Goodrich
Steve Halle
Richard Harteis
Charles Jensen
Doug Kearney
Joan Larkin
Mike Maniquiz
K. Silem Mohammad
Peter Moore
Aimee Nezhukumatathil
David Prater
Lee Anne Roripaugh
Eva Salzman
Leigh Stein
Emma Trelles
Laura Van Prooyen
David Wagoner
Thom Ward

The nominations are from guest editors including Nick Carbo (Asian-American Issue), Adam Fieled (OCHO 11), Grace Cavalieri (OCHO 12), Evie Shockley (QUEST) and Meghan Punschke (OCHO 13) . Two nominations came in from readers of MiPOesias and OCHO, Cheryl Townsend and Suzanne Frischkorn and the rest of the nominations came in from me. I am sending in all the poems nominated to Jack and Jenni to make a final call. The poem selected for the Coat Hanger award will automatically go on our PUSHCART Prize nominations for this year. When Jenni and Jack send me the results, I will post on this blog. The winner of the Coat Hanger will receive a gift from me.

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