The Strange Case of Maribel Dixon

The Strange Case of Maribel Dixon was a limited edition chapbook. Copies can be purchased online.

The cover art is by photographer Tracy Longley-Cook.


Finalist, 2007 DIAGRAM/New Michigan Press Chapbook Award, selected by Ander Monson

It’s 1934.  Scientist Edward Dixon makes an unprecedented discovery that could alter our understanding of life as we know it.  Driven from his academic community to an isolated laboratory, he pushes his experiments further than anyone thought possible.  Through recovered diary entries, a series of shredded documents, and other ephemera, a contemporary biographer pieces together the unsettling—and unsolved—elements of this thrilling, romantic mystery.


Listen to the adaptation of this work for radio broadcast by Tyler Hill.


“In this short, but brilliant chapbook, Charles Jensen tells the story of Edward Dixon, and his wife, Maribel, through a series of diary entries, snippets from interviews, documents previously shredded and re-assembled… What Jensen has truly done is put together a unique love story, something I’m not sure I would have really believed possible.”

—Matt Bell

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