Cross Cutting

Cross Cutting was a limited edition chapbook published by Neon Hemlock Press. It is out of print.

The cover art is by dave ring.


Winner of the 2020 OutWrite Chapbook Competition in Nonfiction, selected by Tyrese Coleman. These hybrid essays splice together the memory of a lived experience with critical analysis of a film, expressing in the juxtaposition of these two narratives the way responses to events, recollections, and art intertwine and inform one another.


“Right from the first few sentences, Jensen’s language and story in this chapbook immediately draw you in. A hybrid in the best sense, Cross Cutting combines poetry and prose on the page in a way that feels organic and fresh.”

— Tyrese Coleman, competition judge and author of How to Sit

“Charles Jensen’s cinematically structured essays seamlessly blend film studies and memoir. By inviting the reader into these essays, he asks us to explore the knife’s edge between desire and risk and the longing to be simultaneously seen and not seen, questioning what we lose, if anything, when we’re heard and recognized. And, like the movies he critiques, ultimately question our own gaze as the camera draws intimately close.”

— Aimée Baker, author of Doe
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