spork you, then.

Several pieces from The Strange Case of Maribel Dixon are live at spork right now. Thanks to Drew and Richard for taking them.

I’m also very excited to now say this is the second time I’ve been right on top of Randall Mann. (Sorry, Eduardo.)

The wonderful and charming James Hall is also there, down at the bottom. I’ll leave that alone.

Farewell, spork! We barely knew ye.

The Reveal

Okay, I think I can say it now. It seems like most people have been notified…

My chapbook The Strange Case of Maribel Dixon was selected as one of the published finalists for the DIAGRAM/New Michigan Press Chapbook Contest and will be published this fall!

A short story in poems, the chapbook concerns the vanishing of Maribel Dixon, wife of physicist Edward Dixon, in 1930s America.


What a Knockout!

Poets Jeremy Halinen and Brett Ortler are editors of a new print literary magazine called Knockout. The first issue is scheduled to appear in September 2007. Knockout is not an LGBT magazine, per se (meaning that it’s open to everyone), but it will have a strong LGBT emphasis or presence (at least 50% of each issue by LGBT poets).

The first issue includes work by Carl Phillips, Carol Guess, Larissa Szporluk, Laurie Blauner, Lynn Levin, Timothy Liu, Jonathan Williams, Thomas Meyer, Jim Elledge, Christopher Hennessy, Antler, Ronald H. Bayes, CAConrad, Gerard Wozek, Jeff Mann, Aaron Smith, Michael Montlack, Jeffery Beam, Billy Collins, Robert Bly, Ger Killeen, Thomas Lux, Denver Butson, Dan Pinkerton, Todd Boss, Charles Jensen, Brent Goodman, Theodore Enslin, Alberto Rios, David Mason, and Joseph Massey, among others.

The editors are now reading submissions for the second issue, and request submissions of 3-6 poems, sent all in one file, preferably an MS Word document, to the following two email addresses:


Please note that the editors are NOT considering unsolicited fiction or nonfiction submissions at this time.

To be considered for our second issue, please submit no later than August 15, 2007 (although the editors recommend sending them much sooner, as the issue may fill up much sooner than that). A submission received after that deadline will be considered for the following issue. Response time is generally two weeks, but never more than a month. Payment for accepted work will be two copies, one for the contributor and one for a friend of the contributor.

I am the last safe thought he had.

My poem “I Am the Boy Who Is Tied Down” has been accepted for MiPo. It’s the concluding poem of the M.S. section of RISK. A few other pieces from the book have been accepted elsewhere, so I’m happy it’s (slowly) getting out there.

I’m rebuilding the second section. I’m wondering if maybe some of my poems from The End of Metaphor or Living Things fit there. I want to take chances.

I think I’m putting my money where my mouth is.


The new Hayden’s Ferry Review arrived in our offices yesterday and it big, bold, and beautiful.

This issue features both the continuing section of International Writing (translations and original language texts) and a special section called “Works of Witness,” which contains four pieces from my new manuscript.

Also in the issue: luminaries like Andrei Codrescu, Jen Currin, Matthew Gavin Frank, Pam Houston, David Dodd Lee, Melissa Pritchard, Gary Short, and more.


from “Safe”

I recognize his face through all the dried blood. They say
the skin showed through only where his tears ran down

and it means all through the night
he felt pain

To reduce this down to its most intimate parts
is all I want to do

his red face
streaked with skin

he went into the night
he came back red