A Quantification of the Day Before, the Day After, and New Year’s Eve

Number of Theme Parks visited: 3
Total theme park hours clocked: 31.5
Total different number of rides ridden: 21
Total number of actual rides: 33

Oldest ride ridden: technically, Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage, which debuted on July 18, 1955 as the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride.

Most ridden ride: Apocalypse, Six Flags (6 rides)
Most rides in one day: Apocalypse, Six Flags (5 rides on one day)
Longest wait in line: X2 (90 minutes on day 1), Six Flags
Longest ride: It’s a Small World Holiday, Disneyland

Best ride scenery & design: Tower of Terror, Disney’s California Adventure
Best surprisingly good ride: StarTours, Disneyland
Most interesting attraction: Innoventions, Disneyland
Best ride new to us: Apocalypse
Best overall roller coaster: X2

Biggest shock: Superman, Six Flags–we didn’t realize it was running backwards until we got on and it started moving!

Worst rollercoaster: Riddler’s Revenge, Six Flags
Biggest disappointment: Green Lantern, Six Flags
Most NC-17: Goliath, Six Flags; it moves so fast the wind almost took my t-shirt off
Scariest/not on purpose: Colossus (1978), which feels like it’s falling apart
Most childish ride: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Best food: French Market, Disneyland
Worst food: Katy’s Kettle, Six Flags
Best treat: Funnel cake, Six Flags

Number of people recognized: 1 (I saw someone from my gym in Tucson)
Number of celebrity sightings 1 (tentative–maybe Bill Paxton)

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