2011 Favorite Albums / 3. Oh Land, Oh Land

Oh Land, Oh Land

Music Math: (Björk – dadaism) + (Olivia Newton John – 1970s)

Best Tracks: “Perfection,” “Break the Chain,” “Sun of a Gun,” “Lean,” “Wolf & I,” “White Nights”

Representative Lyrics: “He said, ‘Sorry but you’ll never gonna dance again’ / But my feet just keep me moving / trying to break the chain”

Notes: The year’s best art-pop album, Oh Land’s debut owes a clear debt to the trail blazed by her Scandinavian foremother Björk but doesn’t stray far from the sunny harmonies and major chords of traditional pop music. What buoys it all is her elfin voice, both reed-thin and velvety at the same time.

Beau’s Critique:

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