2011 Favorite Albums / 6. Robyn, Body Talk

Robyn, Body Talk

Music Math: 1990s Robyn + 20 years

Best Tracks: “Dancing On My Own,” “Indestructible,” “Hang with Me,” “Call Your Girlfriend,” “Get Myself Together”

Representative Lyrics: “My momma called me last night; she said when nothing else fits, pick up the pieces and move on / I see the flashing red lights, just can’t make sense of the bits / it’s like my mind is gone”

Notes: A friend of mine encouraged me to pick this up and the end of last year and it became a year-long favorite. Although it doesn’t seem like it should be difficult to make good dance music, it’s actually pretty rare to find classy dance music, which is basically what this is. There’s a maturity and depth to the lyrics rarely found in this genre, but also a playfulness and willingness to experiment and push boundaries, cross genres, and take risks.

Beau’s Critique:

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