LOCUSPOINT: Dallas, July 31, 2007

Shin Yu Pai, the editor of LOCUSPOINT: Dallas, was kind enough to share this update with us on her city and her poets:

“Though I left Dallas in 2007, I return to the city a few times a year to visit friends and family. Under Karen X’s leadership as Programming Director, WordSpace has blossomed into a vibrant programming series produced in collaboration with Dallas institutions like the Kessler Theatre and the Tyler Arts District. Poet and curator Roberto Tejada moved to North Texas from Austin to pioneer the new art history PHD program at SMU. And Micah Robbins operates Interbirth Books and distributes Sous Les Paves out of Dallas.

Some general updates on authors featured in the Dallas portfolio:

Lisa Huffaker received the 2008 Morton Marr Poetry Prize from Southwest Review, which published her poem “The Maze.”

Renee Rossi’s chapbook Still Life won the 2009 Gertrude Chapbook Competition for Poetry. Finishing Line Press published Third Worlds in 2011.

Gjeke Marinaj published Sung Across the Shoulder: Heroic Poetry of Illyria, a collection of Albanian oral folk-poetry in 2011. Marinaj traveled to inns and coffee-houses deep in the Albanian mountains to record the poets reciting their verse. Marinaj also photographed the speakers and the venues of their performances. He has also translated Frederick Turner’s books The Undiscovered Country: Sonnets of a Wayfarer and Out of Plato’s Cave into Albanian. He was awarded the 2008 Pjeter Abnori prize for literature by the International Cultural Center, part of the Albanian Ministry of Culture—an award given annually to an Albanian or international author in recognition of their ongoing contribution to national and world literature.”

Shin Yu selected this poem from her edition, “My muse is a dead fuse” by Karen X, to commemorate our anniversary:

My muse is a dead fuse

Cars sit squatting on the pavement, peeing oil.
The pills of holy bushes spill over.
Walk the plank to play with the sun, drink a coke and drive
my car with your thoughts behind the wheel.
Hedges dear spear the brick wall.
Sky’s thumbprint sits calcified in the field.
The new Mental Leather Chew is editing his latest
videotape blockbuster.
The virtuoso’s dream is the improvisationalist’s nightmare.
You can’t control the river, the ocean.
You can’t control your muse.

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