Thanks!! And Calling Movie Lovers for the Next Blog Salon…

Thank you so much to our blog salon writers for sharing their thoughts of their favorite “sequential listening” albums!

The blog had 2,700 unique visits and 3,358 page loads during the period of the salon.

Please help me thank our wonderful writers again:

Collin Kelley

Lee Houck

George Scarlett

Tyler Gobble

Shavawn Berry

Matthew Hittinger

Julie E. Bloemeke

Bill Beverly

David Dombrosky

Kelly Cockerham

Jory Mickelson

Andrew Demcak

Jessica Burnquist

Michelle J. Martinez

Pamela Murray Winters

Sean Singer

Ruby Classen

It was such a great success, let’s do it again:

There’s no shortage of awful films in the world, right?

So, why can’t we help loving them?

The next blog salon will run in November. The topic:

A Colossally Bad Film I Love

The films in question should be universally reviled either by critics OR by the general public (or both!). The cultier the better. But even shlocky, standard Hollywood fare is welcome too–whatever you love (and know you shouldn’t).

The form of the essays is still open to your interpretation: memoir, critical writing, narrative or non-narrative, it all works here.

Start thinking and send me your posts (with a bio and photo) by October 20, 2011!



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