Writing and Revising Poems: A Romantic Comedy

Scene 1
Boy meets poem.

Boy: Hi, I’m writing you.
Poem: Hi. Thanks for that.

Scene 2
Boy and poem get closer.

Boy: I don’t know why, but I can’t stop rereading you.
Poem: I get that a lot. I like it when you look at me.

Scene 3
Boy and poem fall into deep infatuation.

Boy: I think you are the best poem I have ever written!
Poem: Probably I am!

Scene 4
Boy and poem fall in love.

Boy: I don’t just like you, I understand you.
Poem: You make me feel accessible. You had me at “like.”

Scene 5
They disagree.

Boy: One thing I think you could change is that adverb in the third line. It’s too flashy.
Poem: Oh, really? One thing you could change is your face!

Scene 6
They reconcile.

Boy: Thank you for changing that adverb.
Poem: You’re welcome. You really should change your face, though.

Scene 7
They discover they take each other for granted.

Boy: I think all you’re interested in is being loved, not giving love!
Poem: You make me feel dirty and accessible! All I am to you is just another notch on your CV!

Scene 8
They part.

Boy: I think we should explore other poems.
Poem: You mean all this time you haven’t been? Was it just me? It was just me. Well, I saw this coming.

Scene 9
After some time, they encounter each other again, older, wiser, changed by the world.

Boy: Poem. I didn’t realize you’d be here.
Poem: Well, I am.
Boy: It’s nice to see you. You look good.
Poem: Thanks. I’ve been hanging out with the sonnets, getting into shape.

Scene 10
They cannot fight their love.

Boy: Poem, I know we’ve had our differences, but I can see past your potential to your reality now.
Poem: Like how they can X-Ray through your clothes at the airport? I feel so naked now. I feel…free!
Boy: Poem, let me revise you!
Poem: I will let you touch me. For five minutes.

Scene 11
They live happily ever after.

Boy: Poem, this book was made for you.
Poem: Yes, I basically am the centerpiece here, aren’t I?


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