All said and done, I put 2484 miles on the ol’ Scion. Yeesh–halfway to another oil change. Lame!

This weekend, Beau and I are driving down to Atlanta for the Decatur Book Festival, where I’m giving a reading. I’ll also be appearing with Rigoberto Gonzáles and David Groff at Outwrite Books and at Java Monkey with a slew of great writers on Sunday (noon and 4 pm, respectively).

Beau and I love road trips.

Once we almost drove off the road because we had been playing Mad-Libs in the car and we ended up laughing so hard at our creative responses to the prompts.

Since then, we try not to make our Mad-Libs very funny.

We have driven across the United States together twice (and laughed the whole way, or sang. I sing a lot in the car). We have also been from Phoenix to LA about a thousand times (sometimes in the middle of the night!), DC to Detroit, and DC to NY. We would go more places, but we don’t have a lot of free time in tandem with each other.

But it looks like we have long weekends off together this fall, so….I hope my Scion is ready to MOVE!

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