What’s the buzz?

By now many of you know I am no longer serving as the Director of The
Writer’s Center. I am so grateful to you, the rest of the writing
community, the talented staff, and the board for the time I spent in
that position. I learned so much over the last two years and feel
like I am coming away from the experience a stronger and smarter

When I decided to resign several months ago, it was a difficult choice
to make. The decision to leave came on the tail of much
consideration, long talks with my partner, and an imagining of what
would be the next best steps for me and for the two of us. I feel so
grateful that the Board of Directors has encouraged me to stay on to
lead workshops at the Center, as this was always one of my greatest
joys in being affiliated with the organization. My only concerns
about leaving were that I ensured a smooth transition for the incoming
Director and that I felt certain I had left things at the Center
better than I found them. In my last few weeks on the job, I
determined that those goals were met.

Although I am moving on, I will always be thankful for having met and
worked with the Center’s community. The Writer’s Center is such an important gathering
place for this community and it’s my sincere hope it will continue to
thrive well into the new century.

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