Brian Teare Talks

Also, I’ve got an interview up with Brian Teare up at The Writer’s Center’s blog First Person Plural! The other day, Sandra Beasley interviewed Paula Bohince.

Brian is reading with Paula at Fall for the Book today, and Deb Ager and I are reading together there also.

After that, I think we’re all stalking Reb Livingston. Or maybe just I am.

Brian’s thoughts:

“My day-to-day relationship to writing is based on the pleasure I take in its materials, both its graphic and sonic aspects. I like the look of letters arranged into words, lines and stanzas as much as I like the actual sonorities created by phonemes and syllables hooked together to make words hooked together to make lines, ad infinitum. And though the visual aspect of a poem eventually becomes as important to me as its soundscape, I tend to draft poems by following an aural rhythm—both alliterative and prosodic—and it’s my hope that an essential quality of what I’m writing about adheres in the actual feel of the language.”

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