The Vacuum of Thought

Have not been writing much new poetry, but have been enjoying some revision work and also reading a lot:

Nothing Right, Antonya Nelson
Don’t Cry, Mary Gaitskill
Collected Stories, Amy Hemphill
Chapters from an Autobiography, Samuel M. Steward
Sight Map, Brian Teare
National Anthem, Kevin Prufer

National Anthem is a book I wish I’d written. It’s strange and satirical and sincere and has odd recurring tropes–snow, parachutes–and is altogether very smart.

I wasn’t loving the Teare book…until I got about four or five poems in and then WHAM! Teare does what he does best, using form inventively to surpass all my poetic expectations. It was just a smart first section. I haven’t gone further than that yet, biding my time…I’m happy because he’s coming to Fall for the Book in VA in September, so hopefully I’ll get him to sign that and his other book.

You all know I love Mary Gaitskill like nobody’s business. “He had the face of a greyhound.” Brilliant. Don’t Cry is awesome. I think I enjoyed Veronica more, but it was so great to be in her work again.

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