Back from the Edge of Civilization

I haven’t been blogging much…because I went to Alaska!

I climbed a mountain! (Mostly without complaint, even.)

I saw beautiful glacial streams!

I sailed high above a gorge in a rickety little metal basket on a rope! (This is my friend Graham, so picture me there, except completely pale and shaking.)

There were bald eagles! I also saw two moose, about 9 sea otters, and the inside of a bar called the Salty Dawg that I wasn’t quite sure I was going to make it out of alive.

I stayed in a condo on the beach by real live volcanoes!

I ate fish on purpose! (And liked it, miraculously enough.)

I also wrote and wrote and wrote, and went to the Kachemak Bay Writers Conference, where I saw Peggy Shumaker and took amazing classes with Antonya Nelson. It was a great, great week.

And I think your vacation is just the right amount of time when you’re ready to go home, and I was.

Next week: Beau moves to DC!

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