Quick Update

So much to catch up on:

Deb Ager invited me to read with her two weeks ago (I know!) and it was fabulous hearing her work. Want to write more on this this week.

Beau came to town for the holiday weekend! We saw two plays: Charter Theatre’s “Fat Gay Jew,” which was really good, and Arena Stage’s “Legacy of Light,” which tickled the physics geek in me.

I had to clean out one of my two closets this weekend so Beau will have a place to put his clothes…when he moves here in July! My happiness is tempered only by the sudden complication of my single overflowing closet. Goodwill is getting some goodies this week.

I watched the NetFlix movie I’ve had since August 2008 (Black Snake Moan). It wasn’t worth waiting for, but it had good moments. Needed another edit. Also watched Meet the Spartans (two funny moments, but Carmen Electra redeems her whole career by striking a canny resemblance to Portia di Rossi) and Hamlet 2. Started watching True Blood.

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