Visit Me at AWP

Where you can find me:

1. My room, stealing a moment (call for instructions).
2. The Writer’s Center/Poet Lore booth, #238.
3. “Poetry’s Electronic Communities” panel chatting about LOCUSPOINT, Thursday at 4:30 – 5:45 pm, Private Dining Room 2, 3rd floor.
4. Watching the ASU/Piper Center for Creative Writing booth from afar, trying to gauge if they “miss me” enough or not.
5. Resuscitating a cocktail (at appropriate times of day only).
6. Resuscitating a coffee (anytime).
7. At the Court Green/Fence reading event on Thursday at 6:30 pm, Film Row Cinema at Columbia College Chicago.
8. In Alison Stine’s hotel room for her book party.
9. Checking my email in a dark corner to see how Arden is doing with her lovely pet sitter, whom Arden may like more than she does me.

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