LOST returns tonight! I got season 4 for Christmas this year and already caught myself up on the past season, since it was such a short (but intense!) one.

I like the turn the show has taken in terms of how the narrative is unfolding. I think the writers had to do something like that to keep it interesting for the audience short of, you know, Claire’s baby suddenly being five years old and telling smarmy jokes.

Honestly, I think LOST is unique because the creators and executive producers have had a pretty clear plan for the first five or six seasons of the show, and they’ve diligently worked toward those goals. The way the episodes have chipped away at the mystery—while creating new ones—really demonstrates that kind of planning.

Granted, I think unexpected trouble like Michelle Rodriguez’s DUI have thrown wrenches into the overall plan. I read an interview in which one of the cast members noted that as soon as someone was arrested for a traffic violation, their character was killed off. Only Josh Holloway, who’d gotten a speeding ticket, has so far tangoed with highway patrol and kept his job.

I’ll probably sneak back over to American Idol after they finish up the Hollywood round. Until then, it’s just too much of an investment for me to handle.

Plus, I need to be reading books. I went to get the next four Gossip Girl novels from Borders last night. The only one they didn’t have in stock? The next one I need to read.


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