Dark Clouds

Gossip Girl goes into reruns starting this week, with no new episodes until after the new year. It’ll be hard to manage, but I’m glad something finally happened this season.

Jenny is my favorite character. Although I love me some Blair and Serena, I really like Jenny’s moxie. She stood up to the girls at school and beat them at their own game, then set off to take the fashion–and philanthropy–world by storm with her guerilla fasion show. Yes, you heard me–there was a guerilla fashion show.

Then Jenny considered emancipating herself from her parents.

Now she generally just has punk-rock hair and wears cute clothes. She doesn’t raise hell unless somebody goes looking for it. I relate to that.

Well, loyal readers, this week represents my final work week before retreating west for R&R with the fam and the bf. I probably won’t put in another 60 hour week, but it’ll be busy. Posts will be sparse, their depth debatable. But while I’m out there working it, I hope you’ll be working it too, poetically speaking. Write me something nice. Bonus points if you use the word “coal,” because that’s what some of you’ll be getting this holiday season. Might be a good investment in these tough economic times!

You know you love me.


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