Mary’s Pop Quiz

Thanks to the lovely Mary Biddinger for giving me something to write about. I need a taskmaster.

1. When was the last time you wrote a poem?
It was last week, shortly after I wrote my blog post in which I claimed to retire from writing poems.

2. What was its title?
“Joseph Smith and the Golden Plates”

3. What was one image from the poem (if applicable)?
A man wrestling an angel, his hand in his hair as if tugging it or tousling it.

4. Do you currently have a poem percolating in your brain?
Possibly, but I thought it was just anxiety.

5. If you answered “yes” to number four, what is one image from that poem?
I’ve been debating whether or not I can include poems in the voice of Jesus in my series of poems in the voices of people who experienced multiple forms of compelling reality.

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