America’s Next Top Medium

Apparently, I’m still in the running toward becoming America’s Next Top Medium.

You may not know this, but since the start of America’s Next Top Model, I have been very prescient in my selection of the winners.

Since the show began, I’ve always backed one of the top two girls, although sometimes my senses have clashed with the judges:

Cycle 1
Winner: Adrienne Curry
I backed: Adrienne Curry
Shannon was a whiny cry baby, but, you know, pretty.

Cycle 2
Winner: Yoanna House
I backed: Yoanna House
Not even Mercedes’ lupus b-plot could sway me.

Cycle 3
Winner: Eva Pigford
I backed: Yaya Da Costa
Eva was a pig, plain and simple

Cycle 4
Winner: Naima Mora
I backed: Kahlen Rondot
Naima was weird. Kahlen had the most growth throughout the show and clearly wanted it.

Cycle 5
Winner: Nicole Linkletter
I backed: Nicole Linkletter
How could I not support the North Dakotan?

Cycle 6
Winner: Danielle Evans
I backed: Danielle Evans
When Danielle turned it out while dehydrated with food poisoning and ebola, I knew she had Top Model potential. I did really like Joanie, though.

Cycle 7
Winner: CariDee English
I backed: CariDee English
She was so clearly the winner in their second photo shoot. No one could touch her.

Cycle 8
Winner: Jaslene Gonzalez
I backed: Natasha Galkina
The biggest upset in Top Model history. As Tyra called it, the Battle of the Accents left gorgeous, curvy Natasha–who dropped her skirt in the last fashion show and kept on walkin’–in the dust while admittedly fierce but awkward Jaslene walked away with the title.

Cycle 9
Winner: Saleisha Stowers
I backed: Saleisha Stowers
When Bianca threw down with Saleisha early on, I saw her true Top Model potential. But later I saw Bianca walk twice in the Project Runway finale show. I’ve seen Saleisha on a milk carton.

Cycle 10
Winner: Whitney Thompson
I backed: Whitney Thompson
This was a close one as Anya was so fierce. But Whitney had dangerous curves, and I like a little danger.

Cycle 11
Still running: Analeigh, McKey, and Samantha
I’ve backed: Analeigh from the start

I chose the Cycle 9 and Cycle 10 winners out of the original line-up of girls in my first drafting of three girls for my fantasy team. Analeigh is my last remaining original fantasy team member from this year. She’s had the greatest “change” arc of the remaining women, but McKey does take a great high fashion photo, even if she is vaguely masculine and Frankensteiny in person. Analeigh is like opening a Hello Kitty box full of woolen mittens, butterflies, and tangerine-scented soaps shaped like insects.

It’s why I think she’ll win.

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