Cheryl’s Gone, but Reb’s Still Here.

Last night I trekked on down to the Cheryl’s Gone Reading Series at the Big Bear Cafe. Reb was reading with Adam Robinson and Kyle Dargan. Having corresponded a bit with the latter, I was looking forward to meeting him and hanging out with Reb, even though the trip required me to transfer to a different Metro line and put me into a part of the city I didn’t know.

The good news is, I survived! I didn’t even get lost, although I did panic a little bit. Reb was kind enough to talk me through it.

Cheryl’s Gone is a monthly reading series of local and visiting poets. I’m excited about this for two reasons:

1. It implies that there are enough local poets for more than one event!
2. It implies that poets travel through town on a regular basis!

This is one way in which DC is different than Phoenix.

Adam Robinson read a series of “biographical” poems. The one I liked best was about Kierkegaard. Kyle started off with a great Terrence Hayes poem and then launched into work from his new book, which I liked. He’s also a good reader.

There was a brief musical interlude by a man who inspired guitar envy in me, and then Reb read from Your Ten Favorite Words, which I thought was very gothic, and her new manuscript, which I thought was a unique collision of mythology and late 19th/early 20th Century melodrama traditions.

I met a couple very nice people at the reading, too, furthering my theory that everyone who lives here is nice and wants to be friends.

There’s some visual evidence up over at Reb’s blog!

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