An Argument for Reading Things Closely

I got a bit of really unfortunate news this morning when I came in to work. Some of you know that over the past few weeks I have been writing grant after grant after grant. Two of them were in support of expanding LOCUSPOINT in some way, shape, or form. The first of those is for the Arizona Commission on the Arts, and that one went just fine.

But the second one, to the Edson Student Entrepreneurial program at ASU, did not go so well. It was a $10,000 ask that I was going to use to fund travel to host readings, pay editors, and do a bunch of other expansion items, but when I came in to work today I saw the deadline was Wednesday, not Friday, as I had thought.

So, I missed out entirely on the grant. And as this is my last year of school at ASU–forever, I hope!–it was also my last chance to apply for the grant…

So, sorry, LOCUSPOINT folks…I’ll have to find another way.

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