Hola, Vaya Con Dios

Thanks for listening to my deertastic rants, my gushing over reality TV. I’d say it’s been real, but what does “real” even mean anymore? Edited to fit a half-hour? Snipped to the size of Tila Tequila?

I hope I’ve been mildly entertaining while your real hostess-with-the-mostess has been away. If I haven’t — well, you can celebrate Charlie’s return with me. We can all raise our dirty martinis to welcome him back together. Here, I’ll make the first toast:

To the guy who got me into Veronica Mars, who helped me up when I fell on the dirtiest street in Austin, who writes awesome poems and has the Buffiest blog around: here’s to you, Charlie.

Now, what did you bring me from Mexico???

Please let it be a pony.

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