Countdown to Mexico: 2 days.

When you live in Arizona, Mexico does not seem exotic. It seems…there. Nearby. Like Canada when you live in Minnesota and pay for things with Canadian change. When someone gives you Canadian change and you can’t be upset about it because you pass it off all the time anyway, except into vending machines, which are smarter than people, smarter than you.

Trips to Mexico this year: 2 (cumulative after 12/16)
Trips to Canada this year: 2
Other trips this year: Los Angeles, Austin, Atlanta, Austin, Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, Nebraska, Michigan

I don’t think I want to write poems anymore. Or, to be succinct, I think I don’t want to write poems anymore.

I want to write things that people read and say, “I don’t know what that is.”

Or, better yet, “I don’t know what that is
but I think I like it.”

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