Ask Arden Anything

Dear Arden,

My boyfriend and I were thinking about getting another dog. What is
you view on living with other dogs? And are cats out of the question?
Keep in mind we live in an apartment with no yard.

Too Much Lovin’ for Just One Pet

Dear Lovin’,

I always say that people are a lot like dogs. We’re both very social and we like to make friends. But it doesn’t mean we’re going to get along with everyone.

My owner was kind enough to catsit for a friend a few times recently, and wow, I had never been that close to a cat before. It smelled like bacon and I wanted to put it in my mouth. But I knew that the occasion didn’t call for that, so instead, I took to chasing her around the house, much to my owner’s dismay. However, I will tell you, after a while, I felt like the cat was begging me to chase her around. She wanted it. Even though our friendship was what you might call “unconventional,” we made the situation work.

Now, you know that your dog and I get along great, Lovin’—remember that camping trip? I still get goosebumps…when I think about how cold it was! I think you are in the fortunate situation of having a likeable, friendly dog, so I say: do it, but get something small since your home is small. I think your pets will be good friends.


Arden answers your questions every Friday here at Kinemapoetics. Submit your question by emailing chasjens ATyahooDOTcom with the subject line “Ask Arden Anything.”

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