O Canadia!

It was a long journey, but we made it to Calgary for WordFest, the international writing festival. The city itself is beautiful—although quite large, it has an intimate feel that belies its cosmopolitan vibe. And it is full of hot Canadian men. I might just get married this weekend…we’ll see if I can snag myself some Canadian citizenship.

On the docket: readings, readings, readings, and hopefully a lot of writing, and seeing an old friend, and some new ones.

It’s cold here. Very cold, by Arizona standards. Although some of my travel companions are from cold climates and haven’t been Arizonized yet, me? I’m freezing. I bought a special wool winter coat for this trip (and for January’s frosty AWP in New York) and have been bundled up in it and a scarf. Tomorrow: buying a hat, probably. It’s that cold.

But, beautiful.

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