Postcard from the Beach 7

The universe operates on a misapprehension known as the Equivalency Paradox. All systems in our universe tend toward balance, yet balance can never be achieved. Something must be always out of whack. Like how Galileo noted that a pendulum’s swing lasted a consistent amount of time no matter how wide its arc. Then the clock was invented and time became a regulation. Then railroads, then medicine began extending our life span. Then you and me. I can measure every single thing about the physical world, categorize and theorize about the way things work, but you are and will forever be a mystery to me. Something shimmering that rose to the surface, mesmerized me, and evaporated back into an ether. The Equivalency Paradox implies that for everything you took from me, I will get back too much. My arc, consistently timed, will push me outward in a complete and opposite direction. That you left me with nothing means you’ve given me more than I could ever imagine.

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