Tori Amos: A Return to Form

I downloaded Tori’s new album last week and got a few opportunities to listen to the first half. So far, I really like it. It does seem a bit like both a return to form and an evoluation. I wasn’t a huge fan of The Beekeeper—I thought it sounded like outtakes from Scarlet’s Walk (which I loved).

The songs have a little bit more of an edge, and I’m pleased to report there is even a snarling electric guitar in the mix. Tori’s creating characters again—five women of various backgrounds and interests—and letting them sing about their lives. It’s an interesting conceit and does work toward creating a more cohesive album.

In celebration, a rundown (in descending order) of my favorite Tori albums:

1. Under the Pink
2. Little Earthquakes
3. Scarlet’s Walk*
4. From the Choirgirl Hotel
5. Boys for Pele*
6. To Venus and Back
7. The Beekeeper

*indicates that I saw her on this tour. I event bought the pig-suckling t-shirt at the Boys for Pele show.

And as a bonus, three of my favorite b-sides:


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