Good Grief, Charlotte Brown!

This week the new Good Charlotte album dropped and even after just 24 hours I can say I am totally in love with it.

Good Morning Revival is a bit of a departure from their first two albums, The Young and the Hopeless and The Chronicles of Life and Death. Their previous efforts have been pop-punk anthems chock full of misanthropic lyrics, lots of thick eyeliner, and snarling guitars.

The snarling guitars are back (and good thing), but now they’re joined by driving dance-rock beats and—yes—synths and electronica. The resulting fusion is something wonderful. My favorite song—I listened to it three times on the way to work today—is “Victims of Love.” I love rock songs that make you want to get up and dance, and this album is full of them, but Good Charlotte haven’t “sacrificed” too much of what made their old albums good too. The lyrics now are deeper, have more complexity (although that’s not much of a stretch, really), and the melodies are, well, more melodic.

Other great tracks include “Misery,” “The River” (which is sort of about finding a new start), “Dance Floor Anthem” (yes, it’s true), “All Black,” and “Break Apart Her Heart.”

The lead singer used to date Hillary Duff, so you have to wonder how many of these songs are about her. Or about finding solace in Nicole Richie’s…arms.

I used to be ashamed about my love for Good Charlotte, seeing as I’m not currently a fourteen-year-old girl, overly emo, or goth. But I’m coming out. I love them! This album is so good it’s even going on my workout mix.

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