Announcing: Good News and a Week of Lists

I have stellar, unimaginable news to announce sometime next week, but until I can spill the beans I’ll have to leave you in suspense.

Next week I’ll be posting a week of lists because I will be busy coordinating the 2007 ASU Writers Conference.

I work all year long pulling together the finer details of this four-day event, including selecting and contracting the faculty, arranging the venues, planning the schedule, answering questions, strategizing a marketing plan, and then: ensuring everything runs smoothly.

I’m really excited about the people who’ll appear this year:

Marilyn Bowering
Bernard Cooper
Carolyn Forché
Diana Gabaldon
Lee Gutkind
Tony Hoagland
T. R. Hummer
Tania Katan
Kevin McIlvoy
James Masao Mitsui
Walter Mosley
Laurie Notaro
Peter Pereira
Claudia Rankine
Aaron Shurin
Richard Siken
Gail Tsukiyama
Tom Wayman
George Witte
and more…

The conference is one of my favorite events we do at work. I remember attending the first two as a participant and just was blown away by the collection of talent on the faculty.

In any case, all of you: have a great week, and hopefully I can pop back in next week with my announcement. It’s a good one.

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